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  • Introducing of MC4 connectors, including its background, description, application and safety


  • MC4 connectors are single-contact electrical connectors commonly used for connecting solar panels. MC4s allow strings of panels to be easily constructed by pushing the connectors from adjacent panels together by hand, but require a tool to disconnect them to ensure they do not accidentally disconnect when the cables are pulled. The MC4 and compatible products are universal in the solar market today, equipping almost all solar panels produced since about 2011. Originally rated for 600 V, newer versions are rated at 1500 V, which allows longer strings to be created.


  • SPDs are made up of various components, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Industry standards provide the levels of performance a given SPD must meet, and the class or type defines the application for which an SPD is suited.


  • In the most basic sense, when a transient voltage occurs on the protected circuit, an SPD limits the transient voltage and diverts the current back to its source or ground. To work, there must be at least one non-linear component of the SPD, which under different conditions transitions between a high and low impedance state.


  • In an electrical systems, SPDs are usually installed in tap-off configuration (in parallel) between the live conductors and the earth. The operating principle of SPD can be similar to that of a circuit breaker. In normal use (no overvoltage): the SPD is similar to an open circuit breaker. When there is an overvoltage: the SPD becomes active and discharges the lightning current to earth. It can be likened to the closing of a circuit breaker which would short-circuit the electrical network with the earth via the equipotential earthing system and the exposed conductive parts for a very brief instant, limited to the duration of the overvoltage. For the user, the operation of the SPD is totally transparent as it only lasts a tiny fraction of a second. When the overvoltage has been discharged, the SPD automatically returns to its normal state (circuit breaker open).


  • MC4 Solar Connector is the name of the connection type on all new solar panels, providing an IP67 waterproof and dust proof safe electrical connection. MC4 Solar Connector will not connect with older MC3 type Connector. The MC4 Solar Connector work best with 4mm and 6mm solar cable. The picture above shows all the parts for the male and female connectors. All you need is the cable, a male and female MC4 Solar Connector, wire strippers, some wire crimps and about 10 minutes of your time.