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  • Dc fuse is a very easy to use protection facilities, when the abnormal circuit is often accompanied by rising current, the rising current will not only damage some key equipment, but also burn the circuit, cause a fire and directly cause great economic losses.


  • There are three differences between a DC fuse and an AC fuse.


  • The general fuse consists of three parts: one is the melt part, which is the core of the fuse. The second is the electrode part, usually there are two, it is an important part of the melt and the circuit connection, and it must have good electrical conductivity. The third part is the bracket. The fuse melt is usually thin and soft, and the function of the bracket is to hold the melt in place and make the three parts into a rigid whole for easy installation and use.


  • A circuit breaker refers to a switching device that can close, carry and break current under normal circuit conditions and can close, carry and break current under abnormal circuit conditions within a specified time.


  • Surge protective decives, also known as lightning arresters, are electronic device that provide safety protection for various electronic equipment, instrumentation, and communication lines.