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  • Surge protection devices (SPD) and surge arresters have the same function: they can protect electrical equipment from overvoltage conditions, but what is the difference between them? The following is a brief description of the differences between them. 1. Different Rated Voltages; 2. Different Applications; 3. Different installation positions; 4. Different Discharge Current Capacity; 5. Different materials; 6. Different sizes.


  • In spite of the high lightning risk that many PV installations are exposed to, they can be protected by the application of SPDs and a properly engineered lightning protection system.


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  • Technical characteristics of SPDs that should be considered are as following: maximum continuous operating voltage, ac or dc application, nominal discharge current, voltage-protection level and temporary overvoltage. The SPDs have an integral self-protecting device and utilizing a finger-safe, removable module.


  • In the area that lighting occurrences are frequent, unprotected PV systems could suffer repeated and significant damage to key components. Aside from the consequences of direct lightning strikes to the arrays, interconnecting solar cables are very susceptible to electromagnetically induced transients. It results in substantial repair and replacement costs, system downtime and the loss of revenue. The strategic placement of Surge Protection Devices mitigate these issues because their function are shorting or clamping devices.