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Something About Circuit Breakers


Circuit breakers are necessary, and many experts need them to prevent circuit fire caused by short circuit current.

Miniature circuit breakers are known to protect only from voltage spikes for a short period, whereas the circuit breaker protects overcurrent in the wiring.

If there is over-voltage, it can damage the appliance. However, over-voltage will not cause any fire if a circuit breaker is powering it.

Circuit breakers protect from overcurrent, which can even burn down the house, and this may even happen without overvoltage.

Application of Circuit Breakers 

•      They include being used in industries

•      They include being used in industries, building, and commercial projects for switching of loads.

•      To help keep the electrical components safe and the system safe, it is important to protect the system with the help of circuit breakers.

•      MCB is the most common circuit when it comes to low voltage circuits. There are multiple smaller circuits within a single circuit. Each of them is controlled with an MCB, so only the affected circuit will be disconnected if any issue arises.

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